Alexei  Galea Cavallazzi

When the chairman of the MCC suggested that we should create an event for pianists and piano teachers I immediately knew that we had to organise a competitive event preceded by masterclasses. In this way our competitors  will have the possibility to learn and to compete. I have made sure that the distinguished jury are all playing musicians who have plenty of practical experience as well as   theoretical expertise. I have also done my best to promote some of our very good contemporary composers by including their work in the list of two categories of compulsory pieces. I hope that this will be an opportunity for our local pianists and piano teachers to learn and to build bridges with our foreign jury and participants.

Alexei Galea Cavallazzi was born in Malta in 1979. He studied Violin and Piano at the Purcell School in London. In 2001 he graduated from the University of Oxford, Pembroke College obtaining an Hons Degree in Musicology.


Alexei is a graduate of the Moscow State Conservatoire where he studied piano with Viktor Merzhanov and Yuri Didenko and chamber music with Alexandr Rudin . He has played in a number of halls in Moscow including The Small Hall, Rachmaninov Hall and Tchaikovsky Cultural Centre. He has played in a number of orchestras in the UK, Germany, Ukraine and Malta. As a pianist he has been invited to take part in Festivals and perform in various halls including the Rachmaninov museum in Ivanovka, Primavera Classica in Moscow and for the President of Malta. He was chosen to represent Malta in the first EU piano competition in Prague were he won a price for his performance of Maltese Music.


He is active as a pianist, chamber player and accompanist. Alexei has served as member of Jury in piano competitions in Sumy Region, Ukraine ( Slobozhanska Fantasia) as well as in Cologne , Germany (Clavicologne). From 2010 to 2012 he studied conducting with Prof. Steffen Leissner of Hochschule fur Musik Carl Maria von Weber in Dresden, and also with Alexander Maschat in Vienna. Alexei works  as a conductor with   the central Mediterranean orchestra and the orchestra “I suoni indiscreti” both of which are  based in Italy. Alexei  is a member of the board of directors of the Malta Philharmonic orchestras  as well as the Arts manager of the Mediterranean conference Centre. He has appeared as a conductor with prestigious orchestras including the Georgian state Sinfonietta  which  performed under the baton of Alexei in Tbilisi at the  Chamber music festival in  the Great Hall of the conservatory  as well as in Malta  and the North Caucasus academic symphony   orchestra in Russia. Alexei has conducted the State chamber orchestra of Cheliabinsk in Russia as well as in Malta as well as the Karelia symphony orchestra in Petrozavodsk.  Galea Cavallazzi has worked  with world class soloists .  He is the founder of the Valletta Piano festival and one of the founders  of  the Mediterranean foundation for culture  in Malta. Alexei is also a holder of the prestigious Russian union federation medal which was awarded to him in 2013 by the Russian parliament  for his contribution to cultural ties between Russia and Malta.

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